Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

monument, Golden Eiffel Tower Necklace



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Necklace pariscomprised parisof parisa parisgold paristoned parisEiffel parisTower parispendant paristhat parishangs parisfrom parisa parisskinny parisgold parisplated parischain parisand pariswire parisclasp. paris* parisNecklace parischain parismeasures paris24 parisinches parisin parislength.* parisEiffel parisTower parispendant parishangs parisan parisadditional paris1/2 parisan parisinch parisfrom parischain.SPECIAL parisNOTES:--------------------------* parisNeed parismore paristhan parisone? parisContact parisme parisif parisyou parisare parisinterested parisin parismultiples parisof paristhis parisor parisany parisitem parislisted parisin paristhe parisshop.* parisThanks parisso parismuch parisfor paristaking parisa parispeek, parisyou pariscan parisfind paristhe parisrest parisof parismy parisjewelry parisline parishere: pariscontrary..

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