Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

round, Leopard Jasper Pendant



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Beautiful 16mmMarkings 16mmon 16mmthis 16mmLeopard 16mmJasper. 16mmSet 16mmin 16mma 16mmelegant 16mmstyle 16mmof 16mmsterling 16mmsilver 16mmpendant 16mmsetting\rThis 16mmis 16mma 16mm16mm 16mmround 16mmand 16mmweights 16mm7.82ct.\rI 16mmdo 16mmoffer 16mmsnake 16mmchains 16mmin 16mm16, 16mm18, 16mm20 16mmand 16mm22 16mminch 16mmlength.\rAlso 16mmsome 16mmbox 16mmchains 16mmin 16mm16, 16mm18 16mmand 16mm20 16mminch 16mmin 16mmlength.\rBoth 16mmstyles 16mmare 16mm$20 16mmeach 16mmand 16mmof 16mmhigh 16mmquality. 16mmThese 16mmwill 16mmbe 16mminvoiced 16mmseparately.\rLayaway 16mmis 16mmavailable.

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