Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

statement, High Quality Kundan Necklace Set/ Indian Jewelry/ Gold Bridal Jewelry/ Meenakari Choker/ Meenakari Peacock Design necklace



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High tikkaQuality tikkaKundan tikkaNecklace tikkawith tikkaEarrings/Indian/ tikka tikkaHyderabadi/ tikka tikkaPakistani/ tikka tikkaPunjabi tikkaJewelry/ tikka tikkaGold tikkaBridal tikkaJewelry/ tikka tikkaTraditional tikkanecklace tikkaset tikkaJewelry100% tikkaHandmadePacked tikkain tikkaa tikkanice tikkabox tikkawith tikkacotton tikkalining, tikkaBest tikkafor tikkagifting tikkato tikkaloved tikkaones..A tikkapersonal tikkanote tikkafor tikkayour tikkaloved tikkaones tikkacan tikkabe tikkaadded.*Since tikkathis tikkais tikka100% tikkaHandmade tikkajewelry. tikkaSo tikkaColor, tikkashades, tikkatexture tikkadisplayed tikkamay tikkaslightly tikkavary tikkafrom tikkathe tikkaactual tikkaproduct tikkadue tikkato tikkadigital tikkaimage tikkalimitations. tikkaWe tikkarequest tikkayou tikkato tikkaconsider tikkathese tikkaminor tikkavariations. tikkaPlease tikkaexpect tikkathe tikkapossibility tikkaof tikkasome tikkaslight tikkaimperfections tikkawhen tikkabuying tikkahand tikkamade tikkajewelry. tikkaIf tikkayou tikkahave tikkaany tikkaquestions, tikkaplease tikkamessage tikkaor tikkaemail tikkaus.

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