Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage orange confetti lucite collar necklacegold glitter, 50s 60s thermoset plastic chokergold glitter, gold glitter & sea shells



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Vintage collar necklaceconfetti collar necklacelucite collar necklacenecklace collar necklacein collar necklacea collar necklacebright collar necklaceorange collar necklacewith collar necklacetiny collar necklaceshells collar necklacemixed collar necklacein collar necklacewith collar necklacethe collar necklaceglitter. collar necklaceGreat collar necklacecondition. collar necklaceThe collar necklaceonly collar necklaceminor collar necklaceflaw collar necklaceis collar necklacethe collar necklaceplain collar necklacechain collar necklacetoward collar necklacethe collar necklaceback collar necklaceis collar necklacemore collar necklacegold collar necklacetone collar necklacethan collar necklacethe collar necklacesetting collar necklacethe collar necklacelucite collar necklacecabs collar necklacesit collar necklacein. collar necklaceThe collar necklacenecklace collar necklacehas collar necklacea collar necklacedangle collar necklaceat collar necklacethe collar necklaceback collar necklacethat collar necklaceis collar necklaceusually collar necklaceassociated collar necklacewith collar necklaceLisner collar necklacebut collar necklacethere collar necklaceare collar necklaceno collar necklacemarkings collar necklaceon collar necklacethe collar necklacenecklace. collar necklaceEach collar necklacelucite collar necklacepiece collar necklaceis collar necklace1" collar necklacewide collar necklaceand collar necklacethe collar necklacenecklace collar necklacecan collar necklacebe collar necklaceworn collar necklaceup collar necklaceto collar necklace16.5".Ships collar necklacein collar necklacea collar necklacegift collar

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