Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

art deco inspired vintage collar pin broochcostume jewelry, fake marcasite look with black cab



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Vintage 1990s 90s80s/90s 1990s 90spin 1990s 90swith 1990s 90sart 1990s 90sdeco 1990s 90sand 1990s 90sfaux 1990s 90smarcasite 1990s 90slook 1990s 90swith 1990s 90sa 1990s 90sblack 1990s 90splastic 1990s 90scab 1990s 90sin 1990s 90sthe 1990s 90scenter. 1990s 90sExcellent 1990s 90scondition, 1990s 90sno 1990s 90sflaws. 1990s 90sMeasures 1990s 90s2.25" 1990s 90swide 1990s 90sand 1990s 90s1.25" 1990s 90stall.Ships 1990s 90sin 1990s 90sa 1990s 90sgift 1990s 90sbox.I 1990s 90scombine 1990s 90sshipping 1990s 90son 1990s 90smultiple 1990s

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