Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

70s 80s vintage Trifari enamel bow necklacetrifari necklace, short collartrifari necklace, cream and gold



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Vintage short collarTrifari short collarbow short collarnecklace, short collarhallmark short collardates short collarit short collarto short collarcirca short collar70s/80s. short collarCream short collarenamel short collarbow short collaron short collargold short collarchain. short collarExcellent short collarcondition, short collarno short collarflaws. short collarMeasures short collar17.25" short collarlong, short collarthe short collarbow short collaris short collarabout short collar1.25" short collarwide short collarx short collar1" short collartall.Ships short collarin short collara short collargift short

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