Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

60s vintage Sarah Coventry Chain-O-Litessigned jewelry, silver chain strand necklace with rhi70nestonessigned jewelry, 1969



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Signed 1969vintage 1969Sarah 1969Coventry 1969necklace 1969called 1969"Chain-O-Lites" 1969from 19691969. 1969The 1969necklace 1969is 1969a 1969double 1969strand 1969of 1969silvertone 1969chain 1969interspersed 1969with 1969sparking 1969rhinestone 1969balls 1969measuring 196924" 1969long. 1969Perfect 1969for 1969layering. 1969All 1969stones 1969are 1969present. 1969Some 1969have 1969dulled 1969a 1969bit 1969but 1969I 1969did 1969not 1969try 1969to 1969clean 1969the 1969necklace.Ships 1969in 1969a 1969gift 1969box.I 1969combine 1969shipping 1969on 1969multiple

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