Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

SALE vintage brutalist necklace & cuff bracelet SETartisan made, biomorphic mixed metalsartisan made, artisan madeartisan made, copper and brass with a nod to art nouveau



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Brutalist sculptural necklaceartisan sculptural necklacemade sculptural necklacenecklace sculptural necklaceand sculptural necklacecuff sculptural necklacebracelet sculptural necklacewith sculptural necklacea sculptural necklacenod sculptural necklaceto sculptural necklaceArt sculptural necklaceNouveau. sculptural necklaceMixed sculptural necklacemetals, sculptural necklacelikely sculptural necklacecirca sculptural necklace70s/80s. sculptural necklaceNecklace sculptural necklacependant sculptural necklaceis sculptural necklace3.25" sculptural necklacelong sculptural necklaceon sculptural necklacean sculptural necklace18" sculptural necklacechain. sculptural necklaceBracelet sculptural necklaceis sculptural necklaceslightly sculptural necklacemalleable sculptural necklaceto sculptural necklacefit sculptural necklaceanyone, sculptural necklacefocal sculptural necklacewidth sculptural necklaceis sculptural necklace1.5". sculptural necklaceExcellent sculptural necklacecondition, sculptural necklaceno sculptural necklaceflaws. sculptural necklaceUnsigned.Ships sculptural necklacein sculptural necklacea sculptural necklacegift sculptural necklacebox.I sculptural necklacecombine sculptural necklaceshipping sculptural necklaceon sculptural necklacemultiple sculptural

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