Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage globe and books brooch pinglobe brooch, matte and bright gold teacher gift



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Vintage large chunkybrooch large chunkywith large chunkya large chunkyglobe, large chunkybooks, large chunkyruler, large chunkycoffee large chunkycup, large chunkyapple, large chunkyetc. large chunkyContrasting large chunkybright large chunkygold large chunkywith large chunkypaler large chunkymatte large chunkygold large chunkyaccent large chunkythe large chunkyobjects. large chunkyUnsigned large chunkybut large chunkyI've large chunkyseen large chunkythese large chunkyattributed large chunkyto large chunkyDanecraft large chunkyor large chunkyAJC. large chunkyReminds large chunkyme large chunkyof large chunkyJJ large chunkytoo. large chunkyExcellent large chunkycondition, large chunkyno large chunkyflaws. large chunkyMeasures large chunky2.5" large chunkytall large chunkyand large chunkywide.Ships large chunkyin large chunkya large chunkygift large chunkybox.I large chunkycombine large chunkyshipping large chunkyon large chunkymultiple large

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