Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

quirky, Handcrafted Silver Plated Queen (Band) Crest Cabouchon Necklace



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Handcrafted silverSilver silverPlated silverQueen silverNecklaceCute silverand silverquirky silver20mm silversilver silverplate silverwith silvera silverraised silvercabouchon silverof silverQueen. silver silverNecklace silveris silvera silversilver silver18" silversnake silverchain silverwith silvera silverlobster silverclaspAll silvermy silverjewellery silverhas silverbeen silvermade silverwith silvercare silverand silveris silversent silverin silvera silverlovely silverorganza silverbag silverand silvera silverpadded silverenvelope.Please silversee silvermy silverother silveritems silverfor silverother silverhandcrafted silverjewellery.

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