Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage pot metal flower brooch pinolder vintage, silver tone with blue and aqua rhinestonesolder vintage, signed HYG



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Vintage silver tonepot silver tonemetal silver toneflower silver tonebrooch, silver tonea silver tonedandelion silver toneI silver tonebelieve. silver toneMarked silver toneHYG silver toneon silver tonethe silver toneback silver tonewhich silver toneI've silver tonenever silver tonebeen silver toneable silver toneto silver tonelearn silver tonemuch silver toneabout. silver toneThe silver toneflower silver tonehas silver tonea silver toneblue silver tonerhinestone silver tonecenter silver toneand silver tonesmaller silver toneaqua silver toneblue silver tonerhinestones silver tonearound silver toneit. silver toneNo silver toneflaws. silver toneHas silver tonethat silver tonematte silver tonezinc silver tonetone silver toneto silver tonethe silver tonemetal silver tonethat silver toneI silver tonehave silver tonenot silver tonepolished. silver toneMeasures silver tone3.25" silver tonetall.Ships silver tonein silver tonea silver tonegift silver tonebox.I silver tonecombine silver toneshipping silver toneon silver tonemultiple silver

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