Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large 1930s vintage celluloid twist brooch1930s vintage, green and custard yellow extruded pretzel braid pin



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Cool celluloid brooch1930s celluloid broochbrooch celluloid broochmade celluloid broochof celluloid broochtwisted, celluloid broochextruded celluloid broochcelluloid celluloid broochin celluloid brooch2 celluloid broochdifferent celluloid broochcolors- celluloid broochcustard celluloid broochyellow celluloid broochand celluloid broochlight celluloid broochgreen. celluloid broochThe celluloid broochpin celluloid broochis celluloid broochin celluloid broochexcellent celluloid broochcondition. celluloid broochHas celluloid broocha celluloid broochbit celluloid broochof celluloid broochpatina celluloid broochto celluloid broochthe celluloid broochhardware celluloid broochon celluloid broochback celluloid broochbut celluloid broochnothing celluloid broochthat celluloid broocheffects celluloid broochfunctionality celluloid broochand celluloid broochnothing celluloid broochthat celluloid broochcan celluloid broochbe celluloid broochseen celluloid broochwhen celluloid broochworn. celluloid broochMeasures celluloid brooch3" celluloid broochx celluloid brooch1.75".Ships celluloid broochin celluloid broocha celluloid broochgift celluloid broochbox.I celluloid broochcombine celluloid broochshipping celluloid broochon celluloid broochmultiple celluloid

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