Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Avon bangle bracelet70s 80s jewelry, gold tone belt buckle style clamper with original box



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Vintage gold tonegold gold tonetone gold toneAvon gold toneclamper gold tonebracelet gold tonein gold tonethe gold tonestyle gold toneof gold tonea gold tonebuckle gold tonebelt. gold toneExcellent gold tonecondition gold tonewith gold toneoriginal gold tonebox. gold tonePerfect gold tonefor gold tonegift gold tonegiving. gold toneMeasures gold toneup gold toneto gold tone1" gold tonewide gold toneand gold tone2" gold tonex gold tone2.25" gold toneat gold tonethe gold tonecenter. gold toneShips gold tonein gold tonea gold tonegift gold

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