Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

signed ART flower pin broochflower pin brooch, 3d pink enamel Arthur Pepper jewelry



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Cool signed artvintage signed artenamel signed artflower signed artbrooch signed artwith signed artunique signed artdetails, signed artsigned signed artART signed art(Arthur signed artPepper) signed arton signed artthe signed artback. signed artThe signed artpetals signed artare signed artlattice-like signed artfiligree signed artwith signed arttiny signed artpink signed artflowers signed arton signed artthem. signed artExcellent signed artcondition, signed artno signed artflaws signed artto signed artnote. signed artMeasures signed artabout signed art2.5" signed artwide signed artand signed art3" signed arttall.Ships signed artin signed arta signed artgift signed artbox.I signed artcombine signed artshipping signed arton signed artmultiple signed

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