Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage wide mother of pearl shell inlay bangle bracelet with pin hinge70s style, colorful pastels mop



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90s 70s styledoes 70s style70s 70s styleshell 70s stylebracelet 70s stylewith 70s stylea 70s stylepin 70s stylehinge 70s styleclosure. 70s styleColorful 70s stylepastels 70s styleand 70s stylebrass, 70s stylemade 70s stylein 70s styleIndia. 70s styleExcellent 70s stylecondition, 70s styleno 70s styleissues 70s styleto 70s stylenote. 70s styleMeasures 70s stylejust 70s styleunder 70s style1.75" 70s stylewide 70s styleand 70s styleis 70s stylestandard 70s stylebangle 70s stylesize 70s style2.5" 70s stylein 70s stylethe 70s stylecenter.Ships 70s stylein 70s stylea 70s stylegift 70s

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