Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace charm, vintage yellow bakelite pendant charm with fairies or angels



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Vintage bakelite discyellow bakelite discBakelite bakelite discdisc bakelite discwith bakelite discgold bakelite disctone bakelite discfairies bakelite discor bakelite discangels bakelite discaffixed bakelite discto bakelite discthe bakelite disctop. bakelite discThey're bakelite discnot bakelite discoriginal bakelite discto bakelite discthe bakelite discpiece- bakelite discunder bakelite disca bakelite discmicroscope bakelite disca bakelite disctiny bakelite discbit bakelite discof bakelite discglue bakelite disccan bakelite discbe bakelite discseen bakelite discbehind bakelite discthem. bakelite discThe bakelite discBakelite bakelite discis bakelite discreal- bakelite discit bakelite discpasses bakelite discthe bakelite discrub/sniff bakelite disctest. bakelite discMeasures bakelite disc1.25" bakelite discwide.Ships bakelite discin bakelite disca bakelite discgift bakelite discbox.I bakelite disccombine bakelite discshipping bakelite discon bakelite discmultiple bakelite

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