Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Liz Claiborne parrot brooch pinsweater pin, shiny gold w/green enamel and rhinestone eye



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Vintage liz claiborneLiz liz claiborneClaiborne liz claiborneparrot liz claibornepin liz claibornebrooch liz claibornemade liz claiborneof liz claibornegold liz claibornetone liz claibornemetal liz claibornewith liz claibornegreen liz claiborneenamel liz claibornedetails liz claiborneand liz claibornea liz claiborneclear liz claibornerhinestone liz claiborneeye. liz claiborneExcellent liz claibornecondition, liz claiborneno liz claiborneissues liz claiborneto liz claibornenote. liz claiborneMeasures liz claiborne2.75" liz claibornelong. liz claiborneShips liz claibornein liz claibornea liz claibornegift liz claibornebox.I liz claibornecombine liz claiborneshipping liz claiborneon liz claibornemultiple liz

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