Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Opaline Point Wire Wrapped Pendantsea glass jewelry, Wire Weaved Stone Jewelrysea glass jewelry, Opalite Opal Sea Glass Wire Woven Necklace



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"Opaline wire wrapWrapling" wire wrapFeatures wire wrapa wire wrapopaline/opalite/opal wire wrapsea wire wrapglass wire wrappoint wire wrapwrapped wire wrapand wire wrapwoven wire wrapin wire wrapvintage wire wrapbronze wire wrapcolored wire wrapcopper wire wrapcore wire wrapwire wire wrapwith wire wrapobsidian wire wrapand wire wrapcrystal wire wrapaccents. wire wrapSometimes wire wrapconfused wire wrapwith wire wrapmoonstone wire wrapor wire wrapopal wire wrapgemstones, wire wrapits wire wrapactually wire wrapglass. wire wrapComes wire wrapwith wire wrapeither wire wrapan wire wrap18 wire wrapinch wire wrapor wire wrap24 wire wrapinch wire wrapbrass wire wrapchain.

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