Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage simulated pearl necklacecostume jewelry, deco style Japan claspcostume jewelry, 17" strand



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Vintage short strandfaux short strandpearl short strandstrand. short strandNice short strandquality short strandwith short stranda short strandbit short strandof short strandweight short strandto short strandit. short strandSilver short strandtone short strandclasp short strandmarked short strandJapan. short strandExcellent short strandcondition, short strandno short strandflaws. short strandMeasures short strandabout short strand17" short strandlong.Ships short strandin short stranda short strandgift short strandbox.I short strandcombine short strandshipping short strandon short strandmultiple short

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