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edwardian, Antique Edwardian 14k Yellow & White Gold Peridot Bar Pin



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This antiqueis antiquea antiquegorgeous antiqueantique antiqueEdwardian antique14k antiqueyellow antiqueand antiquewhite antiquegold antiquebar antiquepin antiquethat antiqueis antiqueset antiquewith antique3 antiquefaceted antiqueperidot. antiqueThe antiquetop antiqueportion antiqueof antiquethe antiquepin antiqueis antiquewhite antiquegold antiqueand antiquethe antiqueback antiqueis antiqueyellow.\u00a0The antiquepin antiquemeasures antique1.5"l. antiquex antique.25"\u00a0 antique(at antiqueits antiquewidest antiquepoint) antiqueand antiqueweighs antique4 antiquegrams\u00a0The antiquepin antiqueis antiquefinished antiquewith antiquea antiqueC antiqueclasp antiquethat antiqueis antiquemarked antique14k.\u00a0No antiquedamage antiqueor antiquemissing antiquestones.

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