Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage modernist mixed metal earringsarticulated earrings, danglin' ballsarticulated earrings, minimalist ice pick inspired look



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Vintage minimalist jewelrymodernist minimalist jewelrymixed minimalist jewelrymetal minimalist jewelryearrings minimalist jewelrywith minimalist jewelryshiny minimalist jewelrysilver minimalist jewelryballs minimalist jewelryaccented minimalist jewelryby minimalist jewelrya minimalist jewelrymore minimalist jewelrymatte minimalist jewelrygold. minimalist jewelryFor minimalist jewelrypierced minimalist jewelryears. minimalist jewelryReminds minimalist jewelryme minimalist jewelryof minimalist jewelrythe minimalist jewelryolder minimalist jewelryice minimalist jewelrypick minimalist jewelrylook minimalist jewelryjewelry. minimalist jewelryExcellent minimalist jewelrycondition, minimalist jewelryno minimalist jewelryflaws. minimalist jewelry1.75" minimalist jewelrylongShips minimalist jewelryin minimalist jewelrya minimalist jewelrygift minimalist

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