Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Mexican Plique a Jour ENAMELmexican sterling, Sterling SILVER Pendant Necklace/ Aztec Warrior Princess



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This sterling necklaceMexican sterling necklacesilver sterling necklacepiece sterling necklacefeatures sterling necklacean sterling necklaceAztec sterling necklacePrincess sterling necklaceWarrior sterling necklacewith sterling necklaceplique-a-jour sterling necklaceenameling. sterling necklaceThe sterling necklacedesign sterling necklaceis sterling necklacecut sterling necklaceout sterling necklaceinto sterling necklacethe sterling necklacesilver sterling necklaceand sterling necklacethe sterling necklaceenamel sterling necklaceis sterling necklacebehind sterling necklaceit sterling necklacegiving sterling necklacethe sterling necklacepiece sterling necklacea sterling necklacestained sterling necklaceglass sterling necklaceappearance. sterling necklaceThe sterling necklacebail sterling necklaceis sterling necklacemarked sterling necklace"TM-190" sterling necklaceand sterling necklacethe sterling necklaceword sterling necklaceMexico. sterling necklaceThis sterling necklacedates sterling necklaceit sterling necklacepost sterling necklace1980. sterling necklaceMeasures sterling necklace1 sterling necklace5/8" sterling necklaceheight sterling necklacex sterling necklace1 sterling necklace1/4" sterling necklacewidth. sterling necklaceChain sterling necklaceis sterling necklace23 sterling necklace1/2\u201d sterling necklacelong.In sterling necklacegreat sterling necklacecondition.

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