Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage wood & celluloid cameo brooch . wooden heart pinvintage brooches, souvenir from Seattle Washington



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Vintage 1950s jewelry40s/50s 1950s jewelrybrooch 1950s jewelrymade 1950s jewelryof 1950s jewelrywood 1950s jewelryand 1950s jewelrycelluloid. 1950s jewelryThe 1950s jewelrybar 1950s jewelryreads 1950s jewelrySeattle 1950s jewelryWash 1950s jewelrywith 1950s jewelrya 1950s jewelrycameo 1950s jewelrymounted 1950s jewelryto 1950s jewelrya 1950s jewelryheart 1950s jewelrydangling 1950s jewelrybelow 1950s jewelryit. 1950s jewelryExcellent 1950s jewelrycondition, 1950s jewelryno 1950s jewelryissues 1950s jewelryto 1950s jewelrynote. 1950s jewelryMeasures 1950s jewelry1.5" 1950s jewelrywide 1950s jewelryx 1950s jewelry2" 1950s jewelrytall. 1950s jewelryShips 1950s jewelryin 1950s jewelrya 1950s jewelrygift 1950s jewelrybox.I 1950s jewelrycombine 1950s jewelryshipping 1950s jewelryon 1950s jewelrymultiple 1950s

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