Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

floral, Brown and red floral vintage tin double sided necklace



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This red floralis red florala red floralfun red floraldouble red floralsided red floralnecklace red floralmeasuring red floral20 red floralinches red floralin red florallength red floralbut red floralcan red floralbe red floraladjusted red floralto red floralbe red floralsmaller. red floralOne red floralside red floralhas red florala red floralbrown red floraland red floralfloral red floralpattern red floraland red floralthe red floralother red floralside red floralis red florala red florallarge red floralred red floralbeautiful red floralfloral. red floralBoth red floralare red floralvintage red floraltin red floraland red floralcovered red floralwith red floralresin. red floralConvo red floralwith red floralany red floralquestions!

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