Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ethnic jewelry, Silver ring "Vintage" jewel natural stone garnet shantilight



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Gem: ethnic jewelryGRENATNATURAL ethnic jewelrySTONESILVER ethnic jewelryRINGSilver ethnic jewelryring ethnic jewelryand ethnic jewelrynatural ethnic jewelrygarnet ethnic jewelrystone.Ethnic ethnic jewelryjewel ethnic jewelrycomposed ethnic jewelryof ethnic jewelrysilver ethnic jewelry92.5% ethnic jewelryas ethnic jewelrywell ethnic jewelryas ethnic jewelrya ethnic jewelrynatural ethnic jewelryoval-shaped ethnic jewelrystone ethnic jewelryin ethnic jewelryburgundy ethnic jewelryand ethnic jewelryslightly ethnic jewelrytranslucent ethnic jewelrycolor ethnic jewelrycalled ethnic jewelryalmandin ethnic jewelrygarnet.SIZE: ethnic jewelry60SHANTILIGHT

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