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dictionary, Amoeba Pendant



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Why biologyare biologyamoebas biologyso biologybad biologyat biologymath? biologyBecause biologywhen biologythey biologyneed biologyto biologymultiply biologythey biologyhave biologyto biologydivide.This biologypendant biologyis biologymade biologyusing biologyimages biologyfrom biologya biologyWebster\u2019s biologyDictionary biologyca.1960s. biologyThis biologyis biologyfrom biologyan biologyoriginal biologypage, biologynot biologyphotocopy. biologyIt biologyis biologytruly biologyone biologyof biologya biologykind.\rAny biologycoloration biologythat biologymay biologyoccur biologyis biologya biologyhappy biologyaccident biologyas biologythe biologyglue biologyreacts biologywith biologythe biologyacidic-based\rpaper.

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