Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pre columbian, vintage Mayan Aztec face necklace on long chain with beaded fringe



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Vintage vintage necklacesMayan vintage necklaces/ vintage necklacesAztec vintage necklacesface vintage necklacesnecklace. vintage necklacesGold vintage necklacestone vintage necklacesmetal vintage necklacesfocal vintage necklacesmight vintage necklacesbe vintage necklacespewter. vintage necklacesWood vintage necklacesbeads vintage necklacesin vintage necklacesthree vintage necklacesshades vintage necklacesof vintage necklacespink. vintage necklacesGreat vintage necklacescondition vintage necklacesbut vintage necklaces2 vintage necklacesbeads vintage necklacesare vintage necklacesmissing. vintage necklacesNo vintage necklacesother vintage necklacesflaws. vintage necklacesSuch vintage necklacesa vintage necklacesneat vintage necklacespiece! vintage necklacesThe vintage necklacesface vintage necklacesmeasures vintage necklacesup vintage necklacesto vintage necklaces2.5" vintage necklaceswide, vintage necklaceswith vintage necklacesthe vintage necklacesbead vintage necklacesfringe vintage necklacesit vintage necklacesis vintage necklaces3.75" vintage necklaceslong. vintage necklacesThe vintage necklaceschain vintage necklacesis vintage necklaces30" vintage necklaceslong. vintage necklacesThe vintage necklacesnecklace vintage necklacesis vintage necklacesnot vintage necklacesheavy.Ships vintage necklacesin vintage necklacesa vintage necklacesgift vintage

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