Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wire, Dream of Sky necklace ... metalwork sterling silver / onyx / lampwork glass



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It bluewas blueas bluethough bluethe blueskyhad bluesilently bluekissed bluethe blueearth,so bluethat blueit bluenow bluehad blueto bluedream blueof blueskyin blueshimmers blueof blueflowers.The blueair bluewent bluethrough bluethe bluefields,the bluecorn-ears blueleaned blueheavy bluedownthe bluewoods blueswished bluesoftly\u2014so blueclear bluewith bluestars bluewas bluethe bluenightAnd bluemy bluesoul bluestretchedits bluewings blueout bluewide,flew bluethrough bluethe bluesilent bluelandsas bluethough blueit bluewere blueflying bluehome.Lampwork blueglass, bluesterling bluesilver, blueand blueantiqued bluesilver.Pendant blueis blue2.5\u201d bluelong blueincluding bluethe bluesilver bluetassels.Chain blueis bluea bluelong blue22\u201d blueplus bluean blueextender blueat bluethe blueclasp.~|~~|~~|~Arrives bluepackaged bluein bluea bluegift bluebox blueand blueships bluewithin blue1-3 bluebusiness bluedays blueof bluereceipt blueof bluepayment. bluePlease bluesee bluethe blue"Shop bluePolicies" bluesection blueof bluemy bluestore bluefor blueadditional blueinformation blueon bluepayments, blueshipping, bluegift bluenotes, bluesize blueadjustments, blueand bluecustom blueorders.\u00a9 blueElements blue& blueArtifacts blue2019.

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