Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver tone, Vintage Silver Tone Floral Design Hollow Bangle Bracelet



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This braceletis braceleta braceletvintage bracelethollow braceletsilver bracelettone braceletbangle braceletbracelet braceletwith braceleta braceletfloral braceletdesign. braceletIt braceletalso bracelethas braceletsomething braceletinside braceletthat braceletwhen braceletshaken braceletyou braceletcan bracelethear braceletit. braceletPerhaps braceletlittle braceletbeads? braceletThere braceletis braceletwear braceletto braceletthe braceletplating braceletand braceleta braceletspot braceletwhere braceletI braceletbelieve braceletthe braceletpiece braceletwas braceletsoldered bracelettogether. braceletMeasures braceletapprox. bracelet2.75" braceletfrom braceletinside braceletedge braceletto braceletinside braceletedge braceletx bracelet7/16"w.

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