Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Funky Flower Felt Brooch - Hand stitched blue floral brooch made with felted merino lambswool - Colourfulflower pin, kitsch and fun flower design



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A felted broochcute, felted broochkitsch felted broochand felted broochcolourful felted broochlittle felted broochhandmade felted broochbrooch, felted broochperfect felted broochfor felted broochbrightening felted broochup felted broochyour felted broochday felted broochwith felted broocha felted broochfloral felted broochtwist. felted broochOr felted broochyou felted broochcould felted broochsend felted broochit felted broochto felted broocha felted broochflower-loving felted broochfriend felted broochto felted broochmake felted broochthem felted broochsmile!The felted broochmain, felted broochblue felted broochpart felted broochof felted broochthe felted broochbrooch felted broochbacking felted broochis felted broochmade felted broochfrom felted broochmy felted broochown felted broochmachine felted broochknitted felted broochfabric felted broochwhich felted broochhas felted broochbeen felted broochfelted felted broochto felted broochmake felted broocha felted broochlovely felted broochsoft felted brooch& felted broochdense felted brooch100% felted broochMerino felted broochLambswool felted broochfelt. felted broochThe felted broochpure felted broochwool felted broochused felted broochfor felted broochthis felted broochhas felted broocha felted broochreally felted broochbeautiful felted broochquality felted broochand felted broochis felted broochspun felted broochright felted broochhere felted broochin felted broochthe felted broochUK. felted broochThe felted broochturquoise felted broochflower felted broochhas felted broochbeen felted broochpunched felted broochout felted broochof felted broochreal felted broochleather. felted broochTo felted broochfinish felted broochit felted broochall felted broochoff, felted broochand felted broochfor felted broocha felted broochlittle felted broochadded felted broochtouch felted broochof felted broochkitsch felted broochfun, felted broochI felted broochsewed felted broochon felted broocha felted broochsweet felted broochlittle felted broochheart felted broochbutton felted broochin felted broochpurple.All felted broochthree felted broochelements felted broochare felted broochhand felted broochstitched felted broochtogether felted broochsecurely felted broochwith felted broochwhite felted broochembroidery felted broochthread felted broochand felted broochthe felted broochpin felted broochattaches felted broochwith felted broocha felted broochsilver felted broochplated felted broochbrooch felted broochback felted broochon felted broochthe felted broochreverse.Handmade felted broochin felted broochScotland.Approx. felted broochDimensions: felted brooch2 felted broochinches felted brooch/ felted brooch5.5 felted broochcm felted broochdiameter

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