Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Scottish pebble brooch: Mid century engraved celtic silver tonevictorian, Scottish pebble and moss agate kilt pinvictorian, Victoriana pinvictorian, signed Miracle



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This silversilver silvertone silverceltic silverbrooch silveris silveran silveramazing, silverunusual silverstyle silverthat silveris silverat silveronce silverVictorian silverin silveressence silverbut silveralso silverclassic silver1960s. silver silverIt's silvera silverlovely silverembraced silversilver silverkilt silverpin silvershape, silverinlaid silverwith silverScottish silverpebble silverstyle silverglass silvercabochons. silverIt silveralso silverfeatures silvergreen silverScottish silvermoss silveragate. silver silverThe silverbrooch silveris silverin silvergood silvercondition silverand silveris silversigned silverby silvericonic silvercostume silverjeweler silverMiracle silver(see silverphoto silver4 silverand silver5).1.5 silverinches silverin silverdiameter.FREE silverSHIPPING silverto silvermost silverof silverthe silverworld!+\u00a35 silverflat silvershipping silverfee silverto silverUSA, silverNZ silverand silverAustralia(all silverother silverdestinations silverfree)UK silverorders silverover silver\u00a310 silvertracked silveras silverstandardInternational silverorders silverover silver\u00a330 silvertracked silveras silverstandardFor silverall silverother silverorders silveradd silvertracking silverfor silvera silverflat silverrate silverof silver+\u00a36 silverworldwide

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