Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

designer, Caribbean Blue Larimer Pendant



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This larimarbeautiful larimarblue larimarCaribbean larimarLarimar larimarpendant larimaris larimarwrapped larimarin larimarSterling larimarSilver. larimar larimarIt's larimarabout larimar1.75 larimarinches larimarlong larimarand larimar.50 larimarinch larimarwide larimarat larimarthe larimarwidest larimarpoint. larimar larimarLarimar larimaris larimaronly larimarfound larimarin larimarthe larimarDominican larimarRepublic. larimar larimarI larimarpurchased larimarthis larimarcab larimarat larimarthe larimarDenver larimarShow larimarin larimarSept. larimarShips larimaronly larimardomestic larimarUSPS.Any larimarquestions larimarjust larimarask. larimar larimarI'll larimartry larimarmy larimardarndest larimarto larimaranswer larimarthem!

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