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Pastel Yellow Fan Tassel Earringssolid yellow, Bohemian Style



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Fan fringe earringstassel fringe earringsearrings, fringe earringsBohemian fringe earringsstyle fringe earringsin fringe earringssweet fringe earringsyellow fringe earringspastel, fringe earringssolid fringe earringscolor.Materials: fringe earrings fringe earringsyellow fringe earringstassel, fringe earringsembroidered fringe earringsthread, fringe earringsbrass fringe earringshoop fringe earringsand fringe earringsear fringe earringswireMeasurements: fringe earrings3 fringe earringsinches fringe earringslong, fringe earrings3.2 fringe earringsinches fringe earringswide fringe earrings fringe earrings(7.5 fringe earringscm. fringe earringslong, fringe earrings8.5 fringe earringscm. fringe earringswide)Color: fringe earringspastel fringe earringsyellow fringe earringsReady fringe earringsto fringe earringsship

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