Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

resin, Resin art cuff bangle bracelet - Eiffel Tower Paris France vintage postcard grunge mint green black lightweight art shabby chic



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For frenchthose frenchwho frenchlove frenchstunning frenchjewelry! frenchFeatures frenchthe frenchvery frenchpopular frenchEiffel frenchTower frenchon frencha frenchvintage frenchpostcard frenchbackground. frenchThese frenchbracelets frenchare frenchreal frenchconversation frenchpieces! frenchGlassy frenchresin, frenchdurable frenchand frenchwaterproof. frenchRounded frenchcuff frenchstyle frenchwith frenchopen frenchsection frenchattached frenchby frenchadjustable frenchhook frenchclosure. frenchLength frenchis frenchapprox. french6.5" frencharound frenchnot frenchcounting frenchopen frenchsection...Measures frenchabout french1 french1/4" frenchwide frenchand french8.25" frencharound. french frenchI frenchhave frenchthese frenchin frenchtons frenchof frenchdesigns! french frenchI frenchhave frenchthe frenchmatching frenchpendants frenchas frenchwell!Makes frencha frenchgreat frenchgift frenchfor frenchall! frenchI frenchcan frenchmake frenchas frenchmany frenchas frenchyou frenchwould frenchlike! frenchTONS frenchof frenchother frenchdesigns frenchavailable, frenchI frenchcan frencheven frenchmake frenchthese frenchwith frenchYOUR frenchphoto!

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