Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leaf, Golden Leaf Necklace



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Update natureyour naturefall naturewardrobe naturewith naturehints natureof natureautumn natureleaves. nature natureNecklace naturedesigned natureand naturehand natureassembled natureby natureMary natureAndrews, naturea naturejewelry naturedesigner natureand natureArtist naturedwelling naturein natureBrooklyn, natureNY. naturePiece naturecomprised natureof naturea naturedelicate naturegold naturetoned natureleaf naturefinding naturewhich naturehangs naturefrom naturea naturegold natureplated naturechain natureand naturefinished naturewith naturea naturegold natureplated naturewire natureclasp.* natureNecklace naturechain naturemeasures nature18 natureinches naturein naturelength natureand naturecan naturebe naturecustomized natureto natureyour naturedesired naturelength, natureleave naturespecific naturelength naturein naturemessage natureto natureseller natureupon naturecheckout.* natureLeaf naturecomponent naturemeasures nature3 nature1/2 natureinches naturelong natureand nature2 nature1/2 natureinches naturewide.* natureMakes naturea naturegreat natureupdate natureto natureany natureoutfit, naturespecial natureevent, natureoccasion, natureas naturewedding naturejewelry, naturebridesmaids naturegifts, natureor naturea naturegift naturefor natureyour naturesweetheart natureon natureher naturebirthday, natureanniversary, natureor naturejust naturebecause.

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