Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

convex, Vintage Elk Or Moose Reverse Painted Glass Sweater Guard 18 - 8



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Vintage paintedElk paintedOr paintedMoose paintedReverse paintedPainted paintedGlass paintedSweater paintedGuard. paintedSilver paintedtone paintedmetal. paintedNo paintedmaker paintedname. painted paintedMeasures paintedapp. painted25 painted3/4" paintedlong paintedincluding paintedthe paintedclips paintedat paintedeach paintedend. paintedGood paintedcondition. paintedSee paintedmy paintedphotographs. paintedPLEASE paintedEMAIL paintedME paintedANY paintedQUESTIONS.ALL paintedMY paintedJEWELRY paintedAND paintedOTHER paintedITEMS paintedLOOK paintedBETTER paintedIN paintedPERSON paintedTHAN paintedMY paintedPHOTOGRAPHS paintedSHOW paintedTHEM.IF paintedYOU paintedTHINK paintedTHE paintedSHIPPING paintedPRICE paintedIS paintedTO paintedHIGH paintedPLEASE paintedCONTACT paintedME paintedWITH paintedYOUR paintedZIPCODE paintedOR paintedTHE paintedNAME paintedOF paintedYOUR paintedCOUNTRY paintedFOR paintedAN paintedEXACT paintedQUOTE. paintedIF paintedYOU paintedWANT paintedTO paintedPURCHASE paintedYOUR paintedITEM paintedRIGHT paintedAWAY paintedI paintedCAN paintedALWAYS paintedREIMBURSE paintedANY paintedOVER paintedCHARGED paintedSHIPPING paintedBACK paintedTO paintedYOUR paintedPAYPAL paintedACCOUNT paintedAFTER paintedI paintedMAIL paintedYOUR paintedPACKAGE

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