Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Raw tibetan pendantmaterial: tibetan pendantsolid tibetan pendantsilver tibetan pendant925/1000Outside tibetan pendantdiameter tibetan pendantof tibetan pendantthe tibetan pendantbox: tibetan pendant12mmInside tibetan pendantdiameter tibetan pendantof tibetan pendantthe tibetan pendantbox: tibetan pendant8.18mmBox tibetan pendantheight tibetan pendantwithout tibetan pendantthe tibetan pendantbead: tibetan pendant26mmBereli\u00e8re tibetan pendantSize: tibetan pendant7mm tibetan pendant(large tibetan pendantenough tibetan pendantto tibetan pendantpass tibetan pendantall tibetan pendanttypes tibetan pendantof tibetan pendantchain)Weight: tibetan pendant10GChainless tibetan pendantpendantavailable tibetan pendanton tibetan pendantour tibetan pendantonline tibetan pendantstore.One tibetan pendantof tibetan pendantthe tibetan pendantmost tibetan pendantfamous tibetan pendantmantras tibetan pendantof tibetan pendantBuddhism tibetan pendantare tibetan pendanthand-chiseled tibetan pendanton tibetan pendantthe tibetan pendantbox.This tibetan pendantmantra tibetan pendantconsisting tibetan pendantonly tibetan pendantof tibetan pendantsix tibetan pendantsyllables tibetan pendantthat tibetan pendantmust tibetan pendantbe tibetan pendantpronounced tibetan pendant"hom-ma-ni-b\u00ea-m\u00ea-houm" tibetan pendantis tibetan pendantthe tibetan pendantnational tibetan pendantmantra tibetan pendantof tibetan pendantTibet.Each tibetan pendantof tibetan pendantthe tibetan pendantsyllables tibetan pendantof tibetan pendantthis tibetan pendantmantra tibetan pendantrepresents tibetan pendantone tibetan pendantof tibetan pendantthe tibetan pendantsix tibetan pendanttranscendent tibetan pendantvirtues tibetan pendantof tibetan pendantgenerosity, tibetan pendantethics, tibetan pendanttolerance, tibetan pendantperseverance, tibetan pendantconcentration tibetan pendantand tibetan pendantdiscernment.Thanks tibetan pendantto tibetan pendantthe tibetan pendantclosure tibetan pendantsystem, tibetan pendantthe tibetan pendantbox tibetan pendantcan tibetan pendantclose tibetan pendantto tibetan pendantcollect tibetan pendantthe tibetan pendantvows tibetan pendantand tibetan pendantopen tibetan pendantto tibetan pendantrelease tibetan pendantthem.You tibetan pendantcan tibetan pendantwrite tibetan pendanta tibetan pendantsmall tibetan pendantmessage tibetan pendanton tibetan pendanta tibetan pendantsmall tibetan pendantpiece tibetan pendantof tibetan pendantpaper tibetan pendantand tibetan pendantkeep tibetan pendantit tibetan pendantinside tibetan pendantthe tibetan pendantbox. tibetan pendantIt tibetan pendantis tibetan pendanta tibetan pendantvery tibetan pendantprecious tibetan pendantjewel tibetan pendantof tibetan pendanthappiness!!!

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