Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, Handmade Sterling Silver Oxidised Hoop Style Earrings with Lampwork Glass Turquoise Beads UK Seller



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Handmade blackSterling blacksilver blackhoop blackstyle blackearrings blackwith blackbeautiful blackblack blackblossom blacklampwork blackbeads blackfrom blackUK blackLampwork blackArtist blackHelen blackChalmers.The blackearrings blackhave blackbeen blackmade blackfrom blacksterling blacksilver blackwire blackwhich blackI blackhave blackshaped, blackhammered, blacktumbled blackand blackoxidised blackto blackgive blackantique blacklook, blacklength blackapprox black3.5cm-4cmYour blackitem blackwill blackarrive blackgift blackwrapped.

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