Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage coro, Huge Coro Sterling Gold Wash Bow Brooch 25gms



In stock



THIS silver jewelryITEM silver jewelryIS silver jewelryAVAILABLE silver jewelryFOR silver jewelrySALEThis silver jewelryvery silver jewelryimpressive silver jewelrygold silver jewelrywash silver jewelryover silver jewelrysterling silver jewelrysilver silver jewelrybow silver jewelrybrooch silver jewelryhas silver jewelrythe silver jewelryCoro silver jewelrylogo silver jewelryin silver jewelryscript silver jewelryand silver jewelryis silver jewelrystamped silver jewelrysterling. silver jewelryIt silver jewelrymeasures silver jewelry3 silver jewelry1/2 silver jewelryinches silver jewelryacross silver jewelryand silver jewelry1 silver jewelry7/8 silver jewelryinch silver jewelrywide silver jewelryand silver jewelryweighs silver jewelryin silver jewelryat silver jewelrya silver jewelrygenerous silver jewelry25gms. silver jewelryIt silver jewelryshows silver jewelryminimal silver jewelrywear silver jewelryto silver jewelrythe silver jewelrysurface silver jewelryand silver jewelrythe silver jewelryoverall silver jewelrycondition silver jewelryis silver jewelrygood.

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