Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

colorful, Antique copper spiral on a stainless steal stud earring with a color glass bead.



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Antique purplecopper purplespiral purpleon purplea purplestainless purplesteal purplestud purpleearring purplewith purplea purplecolor purpleglass purplebead.Cute purplelittle purpleearrings, purplehandmade purplenatural purplecopper purplewire purpleweaving, purpleoxydized purple& purplepolish, purplefor purplea purplenicely purpleantique purplestyle purple!They purpleare purplelight, purpleon purplea purplestainless purplesteel purplestud purplefor purplethe purplesensible purpleears purple! purple:) purpleSize purple: purple1/2in purpleX purple1/2in.CARE purpleINSTRUCTION purple: purpleNatural purplecopper purpleis purplea purpledurable purplematerial, purpleit purpleallows purpleto purplecreate purplejewelry purplethat purplecan purplebe purplewear purplefor purpleyears purplewhile purplemaintaining purpletheir purplebeauty purpleof purplethe purpleearly purpledays!Your purplejewelry purplewill purpleneed purplecare, purpleover purpletime purpleit purplewill purpledarken... purplea purplebit purpleof purplewiping purplewith purplea purplepolish purplecloth purpleand purpleit purplewill purpleregain purpleits purpleluster. purpleThis purplepolish purplecloth purplewill purplebe purpleprovided purplewith purpleyour purplepurchase, purplebut purplepolishing purplecloth purple purplefor purplesilver purplejewelry purplewill purplealso purpledo purplethe purplejob! purpleYou purplecan purpleslow purpledown purplethe purpledarkening purpleprocess purpleby purplekeeping purpleyour purplejewelry purplesafe purplefrom purplethe purpleair purplein purplea purpleresealable purpleplastic purplebag purple(zyploc purpletype) purplewhen purpleyou purpledo purplenot purplewear purpleit.In purpleaddition, purplecopper purpledoes purplenot purplelike purplewater, purpleit purplecreates purplewhat purpleis purplecalled purpleverdigris purple... purpleSo purpleif purpleis purplewet, purplesimply purplewipe purpleit purplewell purpleafterwards!And purpleif purplehe purplehad purpleto purpleverdigris, purplea purplegood purplewiping purplepolishing purplecloth purpleshould purpledo purplethe purplejob!And purpleif purpledespite purpleall purplenothing purpleworks purpledo purplenot purplepanic purple... purpleemail purpleme! purple;)

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