Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leaf brooch, GOLD Filled 50s Brooch / Vintage 1950's Leaf Pin / Mid Century Modern Pin in 1/80 18K Gold RGP/ SIGNED Germany



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A leaf broochlovely leaf broochdetailed leaf broochleaf leaf broochbrooch leaf broochis leaf broochmade leaf broochof leaf broochgold leaf broochfilled leaf broochoverlay. leaf broochI leaf broochbelieve leaf broochit leaf broochdates leaf broochto leaf broochthe leaf brooch1950's. leaf broochAmazingly, leaf broochit leaf broochlooks leaf broocha leaf broochlot leaf broochlike leaf broochreal leaf broochgold, leaf broochit leaf broochis leaf broochso leaf broochwell leaf broochmade!Signed leaf broochon leaf broochthe leaf broochback leaf broochof leaf broochthe leaf broochbrooch leaf brooch1/80 leaf brooch18K leaf broochRGP leaf broochfor leaf brooch1/80 leaf brooch18 leaf broochkarat leaf broochrolled leaf broochgold leaf broochplate leaf broochand leaf broochalso leaf broochsigned leaf broochGermany. leaf broochMeasurement leaf brooch~ leaf brooch leaf broochPin leaf broochis leaf brooch1 leaf brooch1/2 leaf broochinches leaf broochx leaf brooch1 leaf brooch3/4 leaf broochinches.Condition leaf brooch~ leaf brooch leaf broochin leaf broochgreat leaf broochcondition leaf brooch leaf brooch~ leaf broochA leaf broochbrushed leaf broochgold leaf broochdesign leaf broochdecorates leaf broochthe leaf broochfront.

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