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Length pressed flowers2"Width: pressed flowers3.25"The pressed flowerspendant pressed flowerscomes pressed flowerswith pressed flowersa pressed flowers18" pressed flowerssterling pressed flowerssilver pressed flowerssnake pressed flowerschain pressed flowersWe pressed flowerscreated pressed flowersthis pressed flowerspendant pressed flowersusing pressed flowersgorgeous pressed flowerscedar pressed flowersand pressed flowersa pressed flowerspressed pressed flowerscolumbine, pressed flowersthe pressed flowerscolumbine pressed flowersis pressed flowerssealed pressed flowersonto pressed flowersthe pressed flowerspendant. pressed flowersThe pressed flowersback pressed flowersof pressed flowersthe pressed flowerspendant pressed flowersis pressed flowersan pressed flowersart pressed flowerspiece pressed flowerswithin pressed flowersitself. pressed flowers;) pressed flowersIt pressed flowersis pressed flowershanging pressed flowersfrom pressed flowerssterling pressed flowerssilver pressed flowerscircles, pressed flowersfunctional pressed flowersfor pressed flowerseveryday pressed flowerswear. pressed flowersYou pressed flowerswill pressed flowersdefinitely pressed flowersreceive pressed flowerscompliments! pressed flowersConvo pressed flowersme pressed flowersif pressed flowersyou pressed flowershave pressed flowersquestions!! pressed flowersThanks pressed flowersso pressed flowersmuch pressed flowersfor pressed flowerslooking. pressed flowers;)Please pressed flowerscheck pressed flowersout pressed flowersmy pressed flowersfriend pressed flowersElycia's pressed flowersbotanical pressed flowerspieces pressed flowers;)https://www./shop/WildBlossomsStudio?ref=offsite_badges&utm_source=sellers&utm_medium=badges&utm_campaign=en_isell_3

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