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lovebird, Circle Bird Earrings



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This simpleis simplea simplesweet simpleand simplesimple simpleeveryday simpledesign simplethat simplecan simplebe simpleworn simpleby simplechildren simpleor simpleadults. simpleOur simplenew simplecircle simpleearrings simpleare simpleinspired simpleby simpleclassic simpledesigns simplefound simplethroughout simplethe simpleyears. simpleWe simplethought simplewe simplewould simplerevisit simplethis simplesimple simplelook simpleand simpleadd simplea simplebit simpleof simpleFigs simple& simpleGinger simpleflair simpleto simpleit. simpleThe simplecircle simplependant simpleis simple17mm simplein simplediameter simpleand simplethe simpleearrings simplehang simpleapprox. simple1.5". simpleWe simpleuse simpleat simpleleast simple50% simplerecycled simplesterling simplesilver simplein simpleeach simplepiece, simplebut simpledo simpletry simpleto simpleuse simple100% simplewhen simplewe simplecan. simpleThe simpleearrings simpleare simplegiven simplea simpledark simplepatina simpleand simpleis simplevery simplelow simplemaintenance, simpleno simplepolishing simplerequired. simpleSterling simpleSilver simpleis simplethe simplesame simplerecycled simpleor simplefreshly simplemined, simplewe simplechoose simpleto simpleuse simplerecycled, simpleor simplerefined, simpleto simpleavoid simpleany simplenew simplemining simpleand simplethe simpledestruction simpleof simplecommunity simple& simplethe simpleenvironment.

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