Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Convertible Long Necklace or Wrap Bracelet in Champagne Goldconvertible jewelry, with Matching Earrings Set



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Champagne wrap braceletConvertible wrap braceletNecklace wrap bracelet/Wrap wrap braceletBracelet wrap braceletwith wrap braceletMatching wrap braceletEarrings.Materials: wrap braceletcrystal, wrap braceletfreshwater wrap braceletpearl, wrap braceletsilk wrap braceletthreadColor: wrap braceletChampagne wrap braceleton wrap braceletgold wrap braceletcolored wrap braceletsilk wrap braceletthreadYou wrap braceletwill wrap braceletreceive wrap bracelet: wrap bracelet1 wrap braceletx wrap braceletdouble wrap braceletor wrap bracelettriple wrap braceletstrand wrap braceletnecklace wrap bracelet(or wrap braceletmultistrand wrap braceletwrap wrap braceletbracelet)1 wrap braceletx wrap braceletmatching wrap braceletearrings

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