Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

925 silver chain, 24” Sterling .925 Silver Flat Link Chain w/Beads Made in Italy -EB585



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Pretty silver necklaceSterling silver necklaceSilver silver necklaceFlat silver necklaceLink silver necklacehas silver necklaceSilver silver necklaceBeads silver necklaceevery silver necklacecouple silver necklaceof silver necklaceinches. silver necklaceNice silver necklaceand silver necklacelong silver necklaceat silver necklace24 silver necklaceinches. silver necklaceA silver necklacequality silver necklacepiece silver necklacemade silver necklacein silver necklaceItaly. silver necklaceTotal silver necklaceWeight silver necklace4.0 silver necklacegrams.

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