Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

metal, 17.5 inch Fancy Jasper with torched and bright Copper Beaded Necklace



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This copperNecklace coppermeasures copper17.5 copperinches copperand copperis coppermade copperof copperFancy copperJasper copperwith copperbright copperand coppertorched copperCopper copperbeads. copper copperAll coppertorched coppermetal copperhas copperbeen coppersealed copperwith coppera coppercoating copperto copperprotect copperthe coppercoloration. copper copperGreat coppermix copperof coppercolors, copperthe copperClasp copperis coppera copperhand copperforged copperCopper copperhook copperand coppereye. copper copperON copperSALE...WAS copper28.00 copperNOW copper22.00!! copperCheck coppermy coppershop copperannouncement copperfor copperany copperdiscounts copperI coppermay copperbe copperoffering.

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