Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brass necklace, Cascade Brass Necklace



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This sterling silvernecklace sterling silverhas sterling silvera sterling silversimple sterling silverand sterling silverminimal sterling silverdesign. sterling silverIt's sterling silverinspired sterling silverby sterling silvermy sterling silverlove sterling silverof sterling silverarchitecture, sterling silverespecially sterling silverbuildings sterling silverfrom sterling silverthe sterling silver20's. sterling silverIt's sterling silvermade sterling silverwith sterling silverthick sterling silverbrass sterling silverwires, sterling silversoldered, sterling silverhammered sterling silverand sterling silverhung sterling silveron sterling silveran sterling silveroxidized sterling silver16" sterling silversterling sterling silversilver sterling silverchain. sterling silverSimple.Dimensions sterling silveron sterling silverthe sterling silverpendant sterling silveris sterling silver3". sterling silverAlso sterling silveravailable sterling silverin sterling silvercopper. sterling silverAll sterling silvermy sterling silverjewelry sterling silverand sterling silvercomponents sterling silverare sterling silverdesigned sterling silverand sterling silverhandmade sterling silverwith sterling silverlove. sterling silver\u2665Click sterling silverhere sterling silverto sterling silverview sterling silvermore sterling silverof sterling silvermy sterling silvernecklaces: sterling silverhttp://www./shop/dhoris?section_id=6096752Need sterling silvera sterling silvermatching sterling silverpair sterling silverof sterling silverearrings? sterling silverCheck sterling silverout sterling silvermy sterling silvercollection sterling silverhere: sterling silverhttp://www./shop/dhoris?section_id=5468774

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