Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mariners, Seattle Mariners Earrings



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Sparkly clearbeaded clearMariners clearearrings clearwere clearmade clearby clearhand clearsewing clearsparkly clearrhinestone clearbanding cleararound cleara clearwhite clearbead. clear clearThe clearearrings clearare clearedged clearwith clearsize clear11 clearglass clearseed clearbeads. clearThey clearare clearbacked clearwith clearsmoked clearbuck clearskin clearand clearhave clearnickel clearfree clearsurgical clearsteel clearear clearhooks.Earrings clearwill clearcome clearwith clearrubber clearbackings clearto clearhelp clearreduce clearthe clearchance clearof clearlosing clearan clearearring. clear clearThey clearwill clearbe clearshipped clearin cleara clearpretty clearbox. clear clearMeasurementsFull clearLength: clear1 clear3/4 clearinches clear(5.08 clearcm)Bead clearWork: clear1 clear1/4 clearinch clear(3.175 clearcm)My clearShop: clear clearhttp://ndnchick. clear clearMore clearBeaded clearEarrings: clear clearhttp://www./shop/ndnchick?section_id=7241072

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