Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sterling silver trefoil head pins x 10clover leaf, trefoil head pinsclover leaf, handmade head pinsclover leaf, silver head pinsclover leaf, clover leaf head pins MADE TO ORDER



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These clover leaf40mm clover leaftrefoil/clover clover leafleaf clover leafhead clover leafpins clover leafare clover leafhandmade clover leaffrom clover leafsterling clover leafsilver clover leaf26 clover leafgauge clover leafwire, clover leafthen clover leaftumbled clover leaffor clover leafstrength clover leafand clover leafshine.As clover leafthey clover leafhave clover leafbeen clover leafmade clover leafusing clover leaf0.4mm clover leafwire, clover leafthey clover leafare clover leafideal clover leaffor clover leafmore clover leafdelicate clover leafdesigns. clover leaf clover leafMatching clover leafear clover leafwires clover leafavailable.You clover leafwill clover leafreceive clover leaf10 clover leafhead clover leafpins. clover leaf clover leafThese clover leafwill clover leafbe clover leafmade clover leafto clover leaforder clover leafwhen clover leafyou clover leafpurchase clover leaf- clover leafplease clover leafallow clover leafup clover leafto clover leaftwo clover leafweeks clover leaffor clover leafme clover leafto clover leafmake clover leafthem.Please clover leafcontact clover leafme clover leafif clover leafyou clover leafwould clover leaflike clover leafgreater clover leafquantities, clover leafor clover leafif clover leafyou clover leafwould clover leaflike clover leafme clover leafto clover leafcustom clover leafmake clover leafsomething clover leafto clover leafyour clover leafspecific clover leafrequirements.Your clover leafheadpins clover leafwill clover leafbe clover leafcarefully clover leafpackaged clover leafbefore clover leafdespatch.

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