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fashion, Anchor & Bead Stretch Bracelet



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This stretchsmall stretchanchor stretchis stretchthe stretchfocal stretchpoint stretchof stretchthis stretchsterling stretchsilver stretchbead stretchbracelet. stretchThe stretchanchor stretchis stretch25mm stretchlong stretchwith stretch4mm stretchsterling stretchsilver stretchbeads. stretchVery stretchcomfortable stretchto stretchwear. stretchFits stretchslightly stretchloose stretchon stretcha stretch7.5 stretchinch stretchwrist. stretchIt stretchcan stretchbe stretchsized stretchup stretchor stretchdown, stretchplease stretchlet stretchme stretchknow.Free stretchreusable stretchface stretchmask stretchwith stretchfilter stretchincluded stretchin stretchevery stretchorder. stretchComplements stretchof stretchmy stretchdaughter stretchCristina. stretchThis stretchis stretchher stretchcontribution stretchto stretchhelp stretchprotect stretchyou stretchfrom stretchCOVID stretch19.

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